Missed It?

Club Night - 29th April

Good turnout from members in anticipation of Wayne's tutorial on how to make a video and slideshow.

Evening started with Pete giving members a run down on the forthcoming whanganui visit on May 9th & 10th. Programme has been finalised (see the web site for details). We need members to help and support the Whanganui guys, especially at the dinner on Saturday night (pizza and stuff). Destina will be putting out a "Google Docs" so that you can record your desire to attend (remember to hit 'ENTER' otherwise the record won't be committed and your info won't be recorded).

Pete then went on to advise members of the upcoming day trip to primarliy, the old Patea meat works on May 24th. We will be leaving the club rooms at 7am and returning in the dark. We will try and have a look at the Waverly Sea Caves etc if time allows. It will be a really good day so plonk it in your diary now.

Destina reminded everyone that the final date for submitting your SALON photo's to Denise is May 6th Name your photos correctly please. See the web site for further details on this.

Wayne then proceed, for the next hour or so to show us how to put together a video and slideshow using iMovie, iPhotos and iTunes. Wayne demonstrated using both video and still photos, how to tell a story through images and video. The difference was shown, using the same narration, between a slideshow and video. The difference was, amazingly, not that much - some preferred the still photos, some the video. We were shown how to use the "cut to beat" and the "Ken Burns" methods to give your slideshows and videos more impact and dimension. Wayne concluded the evening with a showing on "How to make muffins" (which several people have requested the receipe for) and his sequel to the award winning video 'Mind Games' - "What goes around". THanks Wayne for that, the whole demonstration was very interesting and several comments were made about how much some laern't from just that little segment. Maybe you wouyld like to do a Saturday 'workshop' on how to put together a video on day. Thanks also for bringing along your computer.

The committee then had a little committee meeting while everyone else had coffee, tea and biscuits.

Our Mana Island Excursion 23 March 2014

Second time lucky - because of Cyclone LUSI and due to some terrible weather predictions on the originally planned date 16 March 45 eager Kapiti Camera Clubbers and families (including wildlife photographer Chris Helliwell) clambered onto Eliot Falconer's catamaran "Predator" and made the quick smooth trip over to Mana Island.

Before departure Eliot gave us a brief run down on the bio security regulations correctly insisted upon by DOC and we departed from the old Ferry wharf under the Railway Bridge at Paremata with the powerful twin inboard motors kicking up a hell of a spray we arrived at Mana Island in about 15 minutes flat. We walked the gang plank straight onto the rocky beach and were greetedand welcomed by Di Bachelor the "acting" DOC ranger, and after a short address on Island requirements - "Sorry about this" she commented "But take nothing but Photographs - Leave nothing but footprints" allowing us tospread out looking for numerous photographic opportunities of stunning views, and the flora and fauna - some of it unique to Mana Island.

For the next five hours, in beautful weather conditions we explored - we photographed - we had a great time. One of our number managed to place some images onto Facebook whilst we were still on the island. (Didn't we Elyse?). and Margaret Low has taken some social images which are presented below. There will be many more - discussed and disected in positive critiques back in our club rooms I'm sure. It is always interesting how different photographers see the same scenes.

All that remains now is for those same photographers to get some images into the Mana Island Gallery for all of us to enjoy.

Thanks to Roger Beckett for arranging and organising this trip. Surely one to remember.

Like all successful operations a de-brief is absolutely essential. Some of our committee are discussing the next trip.

Photograph by Margaret Low.

Club Night 4 March 2014

An interesting evening in prospect and 30+ members turned out. Three guests were made welcome. Arthur Wong was our featured speaker. Arthur is also a member of the Wellington Black & White Photography group and is the obvious choice to give us advice on the art of black and white photography - and he explained his "techniques" and demonstrated his points with several of his own photographs. Arthur then positively critiqued a number of our own submissions, raising points over printing, tonal range, composition commenting on over 25 photographs in both digital and printed formats.

Several of the members submissions were "out-standing" and can be seen on these web pages. We were particularly struck by Gerhard Mayer's "Inlet" and Evan Rait's "Glenburn Trees" . Both can be found on these pages.

The remainder of the evening was taken up by Margaret and Denise collecting the Festival of the Elements photographs and both were happy with the collective response.

Another successful evening of photographic discussion and social interaction.

18 February 2014

A special night thanks to Lindsay Keats and our beautiful young ladies for allowing us to give our cameras an airing whilst at the same time receiving expert advice on the use of available lighting in portrait photography. (Click on thumnails).

Although it is planned to hold an evening to critique your photos of the girls some time soon - with Lindsay keen to see what we have produced - you are invited to submit several of your images for publication on these pages - mailto:[email protected]

KCC Club Night - 3rd December2013

Over 40 members, family and friends attended our Christmas break-up party. It was great to see some old friends who hadn't been up to meetings for a while.

Ray ran a great quiz to start the ball rolling, it was a bit like a battle event really, with members intimidating, booing and heckling the judge frequently to get extra points. Mostly it worked!!

Time for supper of pizza and numerous salads.

Destina then presented the certificates from the recent Salon.

Pudding time of really nice cheescake and fruit salad.

The evening finished with a slideshow of a selection of "Blooper" images that members had taken from various KCC outings and field trips. The images had captions which added a bit of humour to the night.

The last meeting for 2013 finished at 10:30 and it was clean up time.

Thanks to Fiona, Destina and all the others that helped with the clean up. It was a bit of a massive job, but you did yourselves proud.

KCC Christmas Party 2013 -

The Party and the presentation of Certificates.

KCC Club Night - 19th November 2013

End of year Salon with judge Murry Cave.

See "Members" section for all results and the comments by Murry.

KCC Club Night - 5th November 2013

> 23 people attended tonight's club meeting.

> Tonight's guest speaker was CHRIS HELLIWELL, a well known and first class local photographer. Chris brought alonf a selection of photographs to show us from macro, star trails, right through to some landscape photo's.

Chris would be the most passionate photographer to speak to our club for a very long time. His patience and meticulous attention to even the minute details, plus his general expertise in photography, are the reasons his photo are world class. In fact Chris has already won many awards and no doubt there is a lot more to come.

Chris has also been selected to go down to the sub-antartic islands over Christmas (yes, he'll be away for Christmas day!) to do some photography down. Really looking forward to seeing those photo's at a club meeting sometime next year.

Unfortunately the photo's that Chris did show us tonight did not do them justice as we could not get his laptop hooked up to out TV set due to lack of correct cables. We apologise for this Chris - that has not happened before and we have taken steps to ensure that this does not happen again. It was a disarster and quite embarrsing. We also got off to a very late start for which we also apologise for.

The meeting finished at 11pm over a cuppa tea and a chat.

You can contact Chris at NZEXPOSED.CO.NZ Go and have look, it's well worth it!

Thanks again Chris, really look forward to your return sometime next year.

KCC Club Night - 29th October 2013

29 people attended tonights club meeting. First meeting back the refurbished club rooms. Destina thanked Tim Smith for his help in arranging our temporary club rooms at Mitsubishi. Destina also mentioned that the Glenburn trip at the end of February next year was fast filling up and that those who did want to go should let Pete Lang know as soon as possible. The KCC field trip to the Hunterville Shemozzle was on for Saturday 2nd November and those going meet at the club rooms entrance way (on the road) at 8:30. Denise Gandy was organising this months "Porirua Waterways" and those going to meet at the Pauatahanui Cafe at 7am.

The end of year Salon is fast approaching and Denise mentioned that she wants all the entry's in by the next club night (5th November). Bring them along on a flash drive or whatever (NO EMAILED entries please). If you have prints, you can drop them down to Denise at Handcrafted Furniture in Kenepuru Drive. Remember the category is "Open" and you can borrow Mat boards etc from the KCC if you want. Denise may even show you how to mat them properly.

Shona Jaray, President of the PSNZ came down from Waikanae to give members a talk on the history of the PSNZ (formed in 1953 - 60 years old this year). There are 68 camera clubs and over 3000 mermbers. Shona then moved on to how members can go for their "L" (Licentiate) or "A" (Associate) honours and encouraged KCC members to 'give it a go'. Also mentioned was the PSNZ conventions. Everyone was encouraged to attend at least one of in their lifetime as they provide good value for money compared to other countries (Australia etc), in that they provide workshops, social functions, world class speakers, field trips etc. The next (2014) PSNZ convention will be held in Blenheim in April 2014. Hope as many KCC members as possible can attend. You do not have to belong to the PSNZ to attend. Shona mentioned that the PSNZ now had a Blog. Anyone can subscribe to the blog. Destina will send a link to the address. Shona then concluded by showing a selection of her images that did not pass the 3 attemptahe had at obtaining her "L" Honours and then a slection of the photo's that did get her the "L".

The meeting finished around 10 with a chat and a cuppa tea. It was great to be back in the old new club rooms.

KCC Club Night - 15th October 2013

20 people attended tonights club meeting, the last at Mitisubhi Motors (a big thanks to Tim Smith for organising this venue for us while our Attic clubrooms were being renovated) as we will be moving back into our old (now "new") clubrooms in time for the October 29th meeting.

> Destina advised that Evan Rait was now out of hospital and home along with his stents and defribulator and was feeling really good. All the best Evan, looking forward to seeing you back at our meetings as soon as. Destina also mentioned that Anne Loverridge had broken her wrist during a fall. All the best to you too Anne, hope your wrist is well on mend.

> Taffy also popped his head in after a long absence galavanting around oversea's. Nice to see you back Taffy.

> It was advised that the next KCC field trip would be to the Hunterville "Shemozzle" on the 2nd of November. Always a good day up there, everyone shouold attend.

> Destina thanked those who went to the Pauatahanui (Ivey Bay) Sunday morning photoshoot. It was a really good turnout by members.

> Tim was thanked for going "beyond the call of duty" in organising and being on hand for all of the photography and Video club meetings - sometimes not getting tea until 11pm!! Thanks Tim

> Peter Lang mentioned that the KCC will be doing a overnight feild trip to Glenburn Station in February next year. Members need to let Pete know ASAP if they intend to go as places are strictly limited and beds will be allocated on a "first come, first served" basis. See the "Events" page for further details on this

> Lesley Newcombe then gave the club a very interesting talk on Screenprinting and displayed some of her work. Think there may be a few of us who will be taking that up!

> Wayne Kelsall showed some of his images from a holiday he had in Vancouver, Canada. Beautiful images, beautiful country. Our multitalented Wayne then did a complete and showed us a video that he and members of the Kapiti Video Camera Club (who are also members of our club) produced called "MIND GAMES". Excellent production, camera work and editing. Most entertaining with plently of laughs all round. Thanks Wayne, Mike, Rob and David - well done.

> Geoff Marshall gave us the last (3rd) installment of his Rail trip through Russia. The whole series has been very interesting and entertaining. Thanks Geoff.

> Finally, Bill Gilbert showed some of his photo's from a recent 12 day Mediteranian cruise that he did. A very small selection of the many hundreds of photo's he took. These photo's featured "Bubble" - like, bubbles the size of which you probably haven't seen before. Thanks Bill.

> and then it out for our last cup of (nice) coffee and a biscuit.

Remember - up to the Attic club rooms for the next meeting.

KCC Club Night - 17th September 2013

19 members (bit of a low turnout for some reason) turned out for what turned out to be a really great evening.

> Destina reminded us of the critique evening NEXT club meeting (on the 1st October), which will be a PRINT ONLY critque session. So get all your prints ready to bring along (one per person only please).

> Steve gave a short insight into what the 2014 Regional "Battle" format may take (KCC is hosting this event next year). An committee is to be set up as soon as possible, so if you wish to be on this committee, please contact Steve.

> We then had a selection of photo's from several of the people who went on the last KCC field trip to Whanganui. The talent in our club is, I think anyway, extraordinary - and that's without us really trying very hard! Thanks to Destina, Chris, Geoff, Ray, Tim (and anyone I've missed). Your photo's were excellent and thanks for making the effort to display them for us. CAN WE HAVE SOME OF THOSE FOR THE WEB SITE PLEASE!!

> The final hour of the meeting was taken up with Q & A's about anything you wanted to know about operating your camera. This was really interesting and informative and most of us got something out of that. Thanks heraps to Tim for all of his input and the clear and concise way he answered our questions - he is a major 'fountain of knowledge' really!! Questions were answered about TTL flash, RAW, Focusing, Exposure, Diopler, Outside 'fill in' flash to name but a few. Should do it again sometime, maybe as a saturday workshop sometime next year.

After another cup of coffeeand a biscuit, the meeting finished at 10pm

KCC Club Night - 3rd September 2013

- Something different to start the meeting. A dozen of us meet up at Mitisi's for what turned out to be a very enjoyable "Fish 'n Chip" night. We should do that again sometime and thanks to Elyse Childs for suggesting the idea.

After we burped and gurgled our way through the F 'n C's (and some not so nice sparkling Pinot Gris for some of us), we adjourned to the meeting room where Destina welcomed 24 members to our meeting.

- Margaret Brown is the KCC co-ordinator for the 2014 Festival Of the elements (FOE) and gave us a brief run down on what will be required from the KCC for this event. Margaret Armour, part of the Council organising team for the FOE, wants a "fresh approach" to next year's event. She wants "great images, not too many and wants them sooner". the 2014 FOE will be on Waitangi day (6th Feb - Thursday). When Margaret (Brown) asked for an indication on how many members would be interested, the response was very positive. Margaret would like to 'buddy' experienced photographers with those who want to learn some of the trickier aspects of shooting an event such as this. Tim Smith suggested doing a 'tutorial' at one of the Aotea lagoon 'cushion concerts' coming up early next year. There may be a little KCC competition associated with next years FOE in that the person submitting the best FOE image will recieve a cash prize. Margaret has also asked if our VIDEO members could also get involved with this event.

- Steve courtenay gave a brief update on the Woolshed. All subcontract work has now been completed and council is now just waiting for various sign-off's before the certificate Of Compliance can be issued and we are allowed back in. This hopefully will be sometime in september. When the COC has been issued we then have a lot of work to do on the inside before our gear can be moved back in. Plently of working bee's coming up!!! We WILL need your help!.

- Keep Sunday 6th October free. Peter Lang is organising a photo shoot starting at Ivy Bay. The theme is "The Waterways Of Porirua" and some images may be given to Pataka for inclusion in a dispay.

- Arthur Wong then told of a KCC 'mini-trip' that he, Hilary and Pete did to the "Golden Domes" in Wellington last Sunday morning. Well worth having a look at these Buddist structures and they want to do it again maybe with more KCC members coming along.

- One of our members mentioned an Application he had downloaded for his android (also availiable for Apple) called "Photography Trainer" by Trail Blazer Media. Looks really good and for $2.40 it's not a huge cost if you want to have a look at it

- Tim also mentioned another programme called "500". so have a look at this as well.

- After notice's were concluded we then went on to the main part of the night, which was the showing of a documentry on the life of New York Times fashion photographer, BILL CUNNINGHAM. This doco was about an hour and a half long, but the time seemed to fly. It was very well put together, well edited and interwas sustained throughout the documentry. This guy is an outstanding individual and photographer. He still lives in NYC and apparantly at 86 is still out there shooting legs, ankles and feet. If you missed this doco, it's well worth getting it out and having a look at it. I could view it again without any problem at all.

- After a cuppa tea, thanks to John Bathurst we all went home about 10pm

KCC Club Night - 20th August 2013

- 36 people attended a brilliant night thanks to our very multitalented local boy, Bruce Mortimer who spoke about his many travels around the world and he also displayed a selection of his wonderful photographs and pencil drawings.

Bruce has got a stand at the next Wellington home and Garden show on the 27th - 29th September at the Westpac stadium. So if you want to see more of Bruce's photo's, painting's and drawing's, pop along and see him at the Homeshow.

KCC Club Night - 5th August 2013

16 KCC members joined members from the 5 other Wellington Regional Photographic clubs to fight for the estemed 'club of the year' title. The 'Battle' commenced at 7:30 up at the boating club in Otaihunga in Waikanae and the judging commenced with photo's being submitted for the BEAMS cateory. Judge Tony Bridge gave the KCC 3rd place for their entry.

KCC Club Night - 30th July 2013

A great turn out attended tonight's meeting at Mitsubishi motors. Destina Munro asked for approximate numbers going up to Waikanae for the print battle on Monday 5th August (our normal club night on Tuesday 6th August has been cancelled). It looked like about a dozen people were interested in going. Further details were to be put on the web site and emailed to members regarding where to meet and what time, for car pooling etc.

On the 20th August, BRUCE MORTIMER will be talking to us and showing us some of his photo's and maybe some of his painting (he is an excellent artist as well as a photographer). That is going to be a great night and we hope that this local guy is supported by our members with a really good turnout.

A "Fish 'n Chip" night is scheduled for the 3rd September. We have an excellent documentry type video about WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM - This is really going to be good to see (google William for more info).

Print battle selections have been made. We hope we do well and are looking forward to doing 'battle'.

Peter Lang confirmed that the field trip to Wanganui is all confirmed for August 17th & 18th; it is hoped that we get a really good turnout and support for this. Please let Peter know asap if you intend to come - see the HOME tab for information. Partners are very welcome to attend. Book your own accommodation, some are staying at THE GRAND HOTEL in Wanganui city. Vicky mentioned that if you are a member of the Forst and Bird, you may be able to stay at BUSHY PARK, which is a nice place to stay.

Ray Lovell mentioned that the current "dark cloud / white light" exhibition at Pataka is well worth going to have a look at. Joseph Michael certainally has set his photography 'outside the square'!

We then had a very good slideshow from Margaret Brown about her trip to White Island. Margaret also gave us some excellent advice on how NOT to get seasick. You lay on your back with feet in the air, legs apart (really?) and look at the horizon. Most on the boat trip were sick, Margaret wasn't (possibly a few people on the boat may have died laughing!)

Margaret Low and Chris White then very competently critiqued the nine photos submitted to Denise Gandy for the mid year quarterly critique night. Once again members learned a lot from the photography and constructive opinions of others.

Geoff Marshall shared with us the second part of his trip to Siberia and Russia by train. This section was the ULAN UDE to MOSCOW train trip. Excellent stuff, very interesting and well presented. Can't wait for the third installment with Geoff in Moscow itself. That's down for later in the year.

> To finish the evening, Ray Lovell took us on a trip to lake Tonle Sap in Cambodia. This also was very well presented and interesting. Hopefully, Ray has more to show us on his Asian trip in the not too distant future.

KCC Club Night - 16th July 2013

> 27 members plus 5 guests attended tonight's club night and were throughly entertained and informed by ARTHUR WONG, FRED WOTTON, HERMAN VISSER, MICHAEL MARTIN and BRIAN SMITH. These guys are members of the Kapiti Coast Photography Society and specialise in taking Black and White photographs on camera's that a some of us perhaps didn't know even existed any more. The take photo's on a medium called FILM.

As Dennis Hamblin said at the conclusion of the night, it is just great to see that there are some people out there with a passion for film and large format camera's which will keep this important part of photography going for many years to come.


> A great night night was had by the 9 people who attended the Video Group meeting up at Mitisi's on a bit of a miserable night, weather wise.

> Four people submitted 3-minute video clip's on the "Cold" theme (and it was too!) The winner for this month, by the narrowest of margins, was MARGARET HOBBS with Ross Williams a very close runner up. Congratulations to you Margaret, well done. Your certificate will be presented to you at the next club night.

> In keeping with the type of weather we are experiencing at the moment, Steve Courtenay showed an old video he made back in 2006 about a 'virtual' week of "Wonderful Wellington's Weather". It was dissapointing that some of the video quality had deteriorated over the years' and just goes to show that you must keep putting valuable material onto new meadia every so often. The way the story had been put together was good and there were some great clips of Wellington storms. The commentary was also well chosen and edited.

> Ian Livingston played two identical subject disks of his Son's graduation ceremony. The purpose was to compare the visual and audio difference between DVD and a Blu-ray media. Member's were asked (without prior knowledge of which type of media was being played) to see if they could differentiate between the two types of disks when they were played on our big TV monitor. Some could see a difference and some not. The concenses probably was that there was very little difference between the two, especially when the video was originally taken in High Def (which Ian's was). This was a very interesting excercise and thanks to Ian for setting this up.

> Ross Williamson showed a clip with commentary about the shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock's 1950 movie "PSYCO". This clip demonstrated speeding up and slowing down the frequency of cuts, and the effectiveness of leaving to the viewers immagination. Ross then showed some clips from the musical "CHICAGO" and part of his own video of "A Week In Berlin" to demonstrate the technique of running two clips together, one with a musical sound track which interescts the stoyline with flashes of musical performance. This was very interesting and everyone enjoyed these clips, especially as we got several glimpses of a young Liza Minnelli performing "Caberet".

> A big thanks to Ross for taking notes during the meeting and also to Tim for staying at work so long so we could use Mitsibishi facilities.

KCC Club Night - 2nd July 2013

> 24 people attended tonights meeting to hear Dennis Hamblin talk about this Photo Workshop in Italy in 2010. This was a very interesting presentation and as usual Dennis' photographs were top quality. The workshop was run by David Hoffman and although there was only Dennis and one other on the workshop, it was well worth the week spent in the Tuscany part of Italy.

> Arthur Wong then gave a quick run down on the presentation he and a couple of other members of the Waikane Black & White Photography club will be showing us on July 16th

> Destina then mentioned that it was not too late for entries for the 'Interclub Battle' to be held in Waikane on Monday 5th August. Denise Gandy showed the meeting the photo's that had already been submitted in all categories. The club night for Tuesday 6th August will be cancelled and replaced with the 'battle' night on Monday 5th August. About 7 people indicated they would be coming to the battle which is a bit of a shame as it's an absolutely great night, from past experience.

> As there was a bit of time left, members wanted to see a short movie that Dennis had made of the Zurich Spring Festival. This was interesting and well edited and shows that KCC still photograph members can produce quality videos on their cameras.

> A reminder was given to the meeting by Steve Courtenay about next Tuesday's VIDEO meeting. 3 minute topic is "Cold", and everyone should be well on the way in their editing for this subject to show on the 9th July.

> Tim Smith mentioned to the meeting that there is an Ap that you can download for $10 that will give you access to many 'e-magazines'. The ap is called "READR". There are also many other free e-magazine subscriptions out there. It was suggested that links to relevent e-magazine be put on the KCC web site.

KCC Club Night - 18th June 2013

- Destina welcomed 29 people to our club night to hear Lindsay Keats talk and show photographs on his various travels around the world. More about that later.

- Congratulations to Elyse Childs and Margaret Brown who had some of their photo's accepted by Pataka for their upcoming exhibition.

- Tim Smith told the club about a new RHODE microphone that has just come onto the market. It's a robust, very high quality stereo mic that fits onto the iPhone (excluding iPhone 5 - adapter coming soon) and iPad. These are availiable from the Rock Shop in the Hutt and Wellington for about $250

- Wayne Kelsall gave a brief precis of the first Video Group meeting. He described the new format for judging the 3 minute clips and said that it had worked well. Wayne was pleased with the turnout to the VSIG and especially thanked Tim and the other 4 people from the KCC who turned up to the meeting. He indicated that the Waikanae club had made a video and would like to do another one, this time involving the KCC VSIG.

- Ray Lovell warned members that if upgrading to Lightroom 5 and have Microsoft Vista, to NOT upgrade Lightroom until they have also upgraded their Windows Operating System. Lightroom 5 won't work on Vista!

- Bill Gilbert brought along his new Tamron 18 - 270mm lens for club members to have a look at during a cuppa later in the night. This lens retails at about $690 plus another $100 for a filter (which is essential for any lens!) Thanks Bill, it's great that members do this, as it brings us all up to speed on what's out there. Thanks also to Tim for sharing his Mic with us as well. If anyone else has any, or know of any, new gear that has come onto the market please feel free to talk about it or bring it along to a club night.

- Tim introduced Lindsay Keats who spoke for the next hour. He took us to many exotic places, mainly through the middle East, talked openly about the photographic techniques of each image and the evening proved to be a wonderful interactive night with members. Lindsay's photographs were absolutely stunning (check out his web site). Lindsay is definately in that unique class of photographers that most of us look up to and set our goal to try and attain. Beautiful photo's, real nice bloke, hope he comes back one day.

See the "links" tab to go to Lindsay's web site.

KCC Club night - 4th June 2013

Even although the weather was absolutely atrocious, 37 people plus Nick Servian and Peter MacDonald turned up for our first meeting at our temporary club rooms up at Mitsubishi motors. After a very successful pre-meeting get together over some nibbles and drinks, we donned our brand new membership ID cards that Destina had kindly printed out and inserted into the plastic holders and headed into the main meeting room.

It was then basically straight into judging of the 2013 mid year Salon. With almost 80 entries in 11 different categories, our esteemed judge, Nick Servian, sure earned his keep. Nick's honesty in his judging and critiquing of the Salon photo's were, we are sure, appreciated by most. Some entries didn't follow the Salon rules and some entries weren't quite up to standard, as Nick saw it - and he was not backward it telling us this. This is part of being a good judge.

After about an hour and a half of judging, Nick then went on to show us a selection of his excellent work. He is really, a very very good photographer. We have invited him back day to do some more judging and we hope he takes up that invitation. Nick is very forthcoming with his knowledge and is a person we can all learn from. Wonder if he does workshops?

Congratulations to all of our Salon Winners and to those who came almost - and congratulations to all those who took the time and bothered to submit entries. If you weren't up there with the winners on this occasion, doesn't really matter, if you love your photo, then that's the main thing - and there's the "Battle" in Waikanae coming up and also another Salon will be upon us before you know it. Start preparing now.

Below is a list of the winner's and those who attained a merit award, in their various categories (go to the "Salon" tab to view the photo's):

Overall Salon Winner - Eye - Christine Jacobson


Battle Subjects: Winner - Skin - Geoff Marshall

Feathered: Winner - Fiona Foxall

Movement: Winner - The Hobbits are Coming - Bill Gilbert

Movement: High Commended - Fiona Foxall

Mysterious: Winner - Fiona Foxall

Open: Winner - At Sundown Near Reno Nevada - Ross Wiliamson

Open: Highly Commended - Companions - Destina Munro


Battle Subjects: Winner - Mysterious - Mike Doragh

Battle Subjects: Highly Commended - Terraced Spiral - Dave Lamb

Battle Subjects: Highly Commended - Fortuna Beams - Peter Allen

Battle Subjects: Highly Commended - Feathers - Wayne Kelsall

Eye: Winner - Christine Jacobson

Eye: Highly Commended - Wayne Kelsall

Movement: Winner: Peter Allen

Open: Winner - The Ball - Kerry Saul

Open: Highly Commended - Kerry Saul

Club Night - 21st May

- Another great turnout with 25 members and visitors (sorry, I didn't get the names of our visitors!) attending our LAST meeting in the Attic Woolshed for the next, probably, three months (maybe a bit less, depending on what the weather does). The builders start re-piling and also carrying out other renovations on the 4th of June. In the interim, the club will be meeting at MITUBISHI MOTORS, Porirua starting on the 4th June.

- Denise (Gandy) asked that all members who are submitting entries into the mid-year Salon to please have a look at the rules, especially where the size of photos are concerned. Entries should be compliant with rules otherwise they could be disqualified - and it's hard enough getting enough entries as it is without this happening.

- Destina (Munro) mentioned that Peter (Lang) is going to organise a KCC field trip to Whanganui sometime maybe mid - late August. This will be an 'overnighter' and will be at the invitation of the Whanganui Camera Club (they are not paying for the accomodation however!). So, you can express your interest to Peter about going on this trip as soon as you see him next, as places are likely to be limited, especially where accommodation is concerned. You may be able to come for just the day, but you'd have to ask Pete about that.

- Ross (Williamson) then gave the members an update on the winding up of the WVCC and the integration of their membership into our club. So far 13 members of the WVCC have already paid and joined the KCC, which is great. A huge thank you to Wayne (Kelsall), Ross and Steve for their efforts over many months in making the WVCC / KCC integration happen with the minimum of stress (although there was some of course). Well done guys, on behalf of both clubs - A VERY BIG THANK YOU.

- Destina took the floor again and reminded members again that this was our last meeting for a while at these club rooms and that we had to remove all of our gear (TV, kitchen cupboard, utiliy cupboard, photo frames and suitcase's, dark room, etc) BEFORE Tuesday 4th June. In this regard, it was decided to have a Working Bee at the club rooms on Saturday 25th May, starting at around 10am. 8 people indicated that they would be happy to help and with this number, it should all be over by about 1pm. Thanks in advance and hope everyone turns up who said they would.

- It was then the quarterly Critique time, with 11 entries being recieved by Denise for judging, which was brilliant! The next 3/4 hour or so was spent going over the entries by Denise (chief critiquer) and judge Fiona (Foxall) (2nd chief critiquer), who came up with a very different slant on how to critque a photo!! Fiona actually recorded ways on how to make our photos better and was able to show the step by step process' as she chopped and changed her way through each photo. Brilliant! Have to do that again. As Fiona said, a photo is only in the eye of the beholder (maybe she didn't quite say it like that). You may love your photo, the judge may hate it - you are more important than the judge.

- Denise asked that for future critques, please put the name of your photo in as the filename. This would help the people commenting on each photo.

- The last item for the night was a slideshow presentation by Ross of photo's from many Camera Clubs throughout New Zealand that were shown and displayed at the recent National Convention of the PSINZ held in Lower Hutt early May. This was very interesting and emphasised the tremendous photographic talent that we have in New Zealand.

- The meeting closed for a cuppa at about 10:15 where everyone had a good old chat for another 3/4 hour or so.


26 members (and potential members) attended the first 'practicle' night we have had this year.

After all of the gear, lighting and cameras had been set up, Destina went through the usual notices, including informing members of the impending earthquake strengthening work which the PCC will be carrying out on the Woolshed, (starting probably at the end of May).

Then Tim took us through the basic's of photons; what they are, where they come from, what colour they are etc, which is all very relevent to photography. Really interesting and our thanks to Tim for sharing his knowledge about ligthing with us (I wonder if there is anything Tim doesn't know anything about - he's a walking Wikipedia!)

Geoff then took over and gave us a practicle demonstration of how adding, moving, increasing / decreasing intensity and removing, lighting can affect the subject you are photographing. We used stephanies Royal Krona Crystal "Seal" as the subject and the variations were amazing - just by changing the light a little (adding a gold / silver reflector for instance).

Steph's Crystal "Seal" survived the night OK, although there was an instance where Tim made a bit of a rush for the table, when the 'seal' had a bit of a mind of it's own.

We were lucky to also have Destina's special translucent, curved, see through table thingie. This makes an amazing difference and gives you heaps more scope to be able to compose a shot and eliminate cluttered backgrounds etc.

Then it was open slather, with those that had their camera and tripod with them, having a go at shooting the various objects that people had brought to photograph. We had everything from Steph's crystal right through to Taffy's "mushrooms" which he got from the Parry estate. These mushrooms were great to photograph, they were colourful, had a selection of large and small ones and they also smelt beautiful - which was a bonus, because they filled the room with an enchanting aroma which gave some of us a wonderful 'lift'. I think Taffy has some more of these available for photoghaping or 'whatever'.

During all of this and a bit after, we had time to get around and have a general chat with each other which was great. Had some very good feedback on this and probably plently of future support for having a club night with having just a chat about anything over Fish 'n Chips, pizzas or 'mushrooms'.

Club night - April 30th

Brilliant turnout tonight with Destina welcoming 33 members and visitors - Dale, Lesley, Melissa, Shona and Margaret (just about a record attendance for a club night!)

First up was a very interesting slideshow, "WOODVILLE EXPOSED", presented by BILL GILBERT on the KCC's trip up to Woodville last year.

After Bill's slideshow, MARGARET BROWN presented an absolutely wonderful 'show and tell' on some of the photo's she has taken in various parts of the world. Margaret has the enviable ability to be able to turn a dull old boring photo into something brilliantly amazing!! An amazing talent she has that compliments her sense of humour and imagination!

After Margaret's show, WAYNE KELSALL currently with the Wellington Video Camera Club, gave us a talk on some of the competitions and formats that the WVCC use. Wayne showed us three very interesting videos that he had produced. One video he had produced on an older Video recorder using Hi8 tape, and two videos on his newer Leica still / video camera combo. A marked difference in quality between the older video and the new 1080 high def. Wayne's video's in themselves were excellent. Interesting, the ability to be able to hold your attention, and his actual attention to detail made them all videos you could quite easily watch again.

When Wayne had finished, GEOFF MARSHALL took us to Mongolia, where he recently completed a rather long train trip (no such thing as a long train trip for Geoff though). Really interesting (and quality) photos and Geoff presented it such a way that everyone's interest was held throughout his prersentation. He sort of turned it into a mini photographic tutorial - which was great.
The night went really quickly and after a social supper everyone started to go home about 10:30pm

Wellington Regional Interclub Print Battle

23 August 2012

23 August was the Interclub Battle where Wellington Region Photographic Groups come together once a year and battle each other by displaying prints to set topics. This year it was sponsored by the Wellington Photographic Society who set the topics.

The battle was held at the Loaves and Fishes, Hill Street, Wellington and it was standing room only with around 100 or so enthusiastic Wellington Photographers representing the following groups turned out for the affray.

Aotearoa Phillipines Photographic Society

Hutt Camera Club

Kapiti Camera Club

Kapiti Coast Photographic Society

Karori Camera Club

Wellington Photographic Society

The Judge was Jordyn O'Keeffe who teaches a range of photography courses, including Creative Eye, at Wellington High in the adult education programme. She is a highly respected photographer and teacher and is passionate about fostering new creative talent in Wellington.

Jordyn was one of those quickfire judges who backed up her decisions with quick reasoned critques on every photograph submitted taking about one minute per photo. She had her favourites and these were placed across a display stand with her best choice down to the last. The winning print gained one point and the last 6 points. The object was to score the least number of points thereby deciding the winner. A running tab was maintained throughout and we could see graphically exactly where each club was placed. The system worked well, and although all of us present wanted our respective clubs to do well it was an entertaining and fun evening . A couple of groups stood out with consistantly low scores it must be said that the host club selected the judge and may have had prior knowledge of her tastes and certainly catered for that although none of the prints were identified as belonging to any one group and the judging was totally impartial, and fair.

There was an excellent turnout from our members, I think we may have out-numbered all the other groups. All our entries are reproduced below, together with a brief summary of the judges comments.

The winning pictures will appear on the respective groups web sites and facebook pages. Have a poke around some very interesting decisions.


Doggone Beach - Photographer Margaret Low

Judge's comments:- The horizon not being straight adds to the feeling of movement, the obvious enjoyment and anonimity of the animal running along the beach is well captured in lovely tones.

Placed 1st


Centaur - Photograph Margaret Low

Judges Comments:- The central focus is a bit lost, whereas closer interest in the central figure would have had more impact - more separation is needed.

Placed 6th


Going with the flow - Photographer Elyse Childs

Judges Comments - A great feel about this shot where the musician's energy is captured. Nice lines through the guitar giving a balance. Not sure about the line beside the musician's head.

Placed 4th


Marrakech Medina Stall - Photographer Ray Lovell

Judges Comments:- The "feel" is that it is too closely cropped... if this was taken at an angle it would have given a better effect than the horizontal look.

Placed 4th


Gangtok Hailstrike - Photographer Chris White

Judges Comments:- Anyone from Wellington could associate with this image. I love it.. the off centre figure, the feeling of space and the desaturated background give this a very high rating.

Placed 2nd


Box of Hands - Photographer Peter Allen

Judges Comments:- I find this quirky and intriging and I keep going back to the hand without the finger. I should have picked this first..

Placed 4th


Checking Shutter Priority - Photographer Chris White

Judges Comments:- Quirky and fun, must have been a very gentle photographer to let that monkey get so close to the camera.

Placed 5th


Doorway to? Photographer Geoff Marshall

Judges Comments:- Very graphic and stark - but the design works

Placed 2nd


The Timing of forehand return - Photographer Greg Moller

Judges Comments:- I know nothing about tennis and don't know who this is - but the image is a fine example of flowing lines, energy and depth of field.

Placed 4th


Abstract 1 - Photographer Destina Munro

Judges Comments:- Unfortunately this is not an abstract.. it would score very highly in a nature or creative topic. Very well taken and a lovely shot but it rather misses the point.

KCC comment:- This image took out top award under the Abstract banner in our mid year salon when Simon Woolf was judging. It goes to prove that different judges see different things making this competition a bit of a lottery - (well we all know that don't we)..

Placed 6th

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