President's Message

Not sure how it happened but here I am.  President of the prestigious Kapiti Camera Club Porirua since 2016.

Joining the KCC around 2006, I found this club somewhat 'unique'. I had heard that camera clubs could be a bit 'clicky' (or should that be 'shutter-releasey') and a bit difficult to 'get into'. Wrong!! From the moment I walked up the steep, mouldy, rickety Woolshed staircase to the "Attic", I knew I was going to enjoy this club.

As of today nothing has changed (apart from the fully refurbished clubrooms without the steep, mouldy, rickety staircase - the council took that away), I still enjoy this 'unique' little camera club and all it stands for.

In fact, it's not 'little' any longer - our membership is heading toward the 100 member mark now and we see a new face or two every month, which is great

But although we have a healthy and increasing membership, our club does retain that 'little' feeling you get when you: have a diverse cross section of member knowledge and experience; have members getting something out of the club - and putting something back; having the more experienced members sharing freely their help and knowledge with those of us who have a bit more to learn; have a strong social and fun aspect, within and outside the club; have member's who arrange a field trip and 6 people turn up - and then arrange another one the following month and 26 turn up.

On top of the local area field trips that we do, once (or sometimes twice) a year, we journey off for a 2, 3, or even 4-night photography trip out of our area, meeting up with other camera clubs where we can. We have been known to even go overseas, to the South Island!

It has been a privilege to have been involved with the small dedicated and hard working team that make up our committee and I am grateful to have had that experience, and to see first hand, just how fortunate the Kapiti Camera Club Porirua is to have such a wonderful bunch of talented, selfless and dedicated people working behind the scenes to ensure our club's continued growth and success.

Our club is also proud to be associated with our lovely city, Porirua, and always do what we can, as a club to assist our community

Come and join us!

Steve Courtenay


0274 456 069

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