2013 End of Year Salon

The 2013 end of the year competition was judged by Murry Cave.....


There were four classes

Print                     Open       Experienced       5 received

                                            Novice                0 received

Digital Image        Open       Experienced       54 received 

                                            Novice               19 received  

A written critique was prepared for every photograph submitted and this can be found in the members section.

The confidentiality of the photographers has been maintained but each photograph is named, together with "acceptance", ""non-acceptance", "Honours" and "merits".

The "winning" photographs are set out below.


Print  Experienced  (Honours)

"Leaves"  Photographer Destina Munro


Digital Image - Novice

the following received Merit awards -


"Wine Glass:"  Photographer  John Bathurst


"Waikawa Sunset"  photographer Dave Lamb

"Pink Sunrise" Photographer Huey Huang

"Trumpet Lily" Photographer Vicki Truyens

"Made It" Photographer Chris Hogen

"Raw Egg Yuk!" Photographer Chris Hogen

"Pygmy Marmoset" Photographer Margaret Hobbs

"Dr Who and the Tardis" Photographer Brian Rowe


Major tips from Murry


always give your photograph a meaningful title.....

when shooting wildlife use f8

shooting manual gives better control of outcome....

enjoy your photography


to see Murry's web site -  go here....


Digital Image  - Experienced (Winner)

"In the Pink" Photographer Destina Munro 


Digital Image - Experienced

the following received Merit awards -

"Abstract" Photographer Geoff Marshall

"Whose the Cutest?" Photographer Destina Munro

"I'm off - Some Bugger Took my Tail!"  Photographer Destina Munro

"Lights at Night" Photographer Denise Gandy

"Solo Sunrise Varanasi"  Photographer Chris White

"Finials Atop Taj Mahal" Photographer Chris White

"Try Time" Photographer Ray Lovell

"Dancers" Photographer Ray Lovell

"Windy Star" Photographer  Christine Jacobson

"Tree (after Gaugaun)" Photographer Roger Hayman

"Water line" Photographer Wayne Kelsall

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