2015 End of Year Salon Results

The topics were Identifiably Porirua and Open.  Salon open to all members of the Kapiti Camera Club and is divided into 8 sections by submissions from our "experienced" members and our "Novice" members who may enter four images consisting of either prints and/or digital "projected" images.  There was a good response for the end of year salon as follows -

Subject Digital E             8

Subject Digital N             1

Subject Print    E             3

Subject Print    N             1

Open    Digital E             24

Open    Digital N             13

Open    Print    E              8

Open    Print    N              1

Nearly 60 entries to be critiqued and judged by our Judge Peter Allen (A former KCC member and now an active member on the executive of the Aotearoa Phillippines Photographic Society (APPS) who did an excellent job and judged every entry based on the format of Acceptance - *Merit - **Highly Commended - and ***Honours.

and the winners are:-

Experienced Section

**Highly Commended  "Porirua Hot Rods"  Photographer Wayne Kelsall

*Merit award  "Dramatic Cloud Sunset Over Porirua"  Photographer  Huey Huang

 *Merit Award  "Paddle Boarding in the Inlet"  Photographer Huey Huang

 ***Honours  "Harpist"   Photographer  Destina Munro

***Honours   "Girl in Red"   Photographer Gary Jones

***Honours  "Beached"  Photographer Wayne Kelsall

***Honours   "Thistle's Nest"   Photographer Wayne Kelsall

**Highly Commended  "They've all gone home"  Photographer Margaret Low

**Highly Commended  "Prancing Lamb"  Photographer Huey Huang

**Highly Commended  "Spring Time"  Photographer Chris Hogan

*Merit Award  "Moment in Light"  Photographer Destina Munro

*Merit Award  "Powerful Performance"  Photographer Destina Munro

*Merit Award "Cape Foulwind"   Photographer John Bathurst

*Merit Award "Come Sail with me"  Photographer Ray Lovell

*Merit Award  "Beckoning"  Photographer Huey Huang

*Merit Award  "Animal?"     Photographer Roger Hayman

*Merit Award  "Glenburn Reef"   Photographer Roger Hayman

Novice Section

***Honours   "Wedding Gift"   Photographer Gerhard Mayer

***Honours   "Heading North"  Photographer Nick Maitland

**Highly Commended   "Morning Rose"  Photographer Nick Maitland

**Highly Commended  "Big Bucket Little Digger"  Photographer Rob Penhey

*Merit Award   "Chin Up"  Photographer Sandra Werner

PRINT Section

 ***Honours    "Wither"  Photographer Christine Jacobson

***Honours   :My iphone 7's on the way ...!"   Photographer Margaret Hobbs

**Highly Commended  "Euphoric Windows"  Photographer Roger Hayman

**Highly Commended  "Hot Nude"  Photographer Roger Hayman

*Merit Award  "What's that up there?"  Photographer Gary Jones

*Merit Award  "Huey's last stand"   Photographer Gary Jones

 *Merit Award   "The Weaving Class"   Photographer Christine Jacobson

*Merit Award   "Mana from the Hills to the Sea"  Photographer Denise Gandy

*Merit Award   "Playing with the Lights (Lights at Night)"  Photographer Denise Gandy

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