Hunterville Shemozzle 2015

Two Cats One Dog

The Magazine for Pet lovers September 2016

Story by Helen Mays - Photography by The Kapiti Camera Club

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Hello and welcome our latest Hunterville Shemozzle pages - the photographs presented here are only a small cross section from the 100's that were taken by those Kapiti Camera Club members who attended and photographed the event on Saturday 31st October 2015.

The photographs are rendered here in low rez in thumbnail format.  To view them more clearly please click on the image to enlarge it to screen size.  It is then possible to scroll through the images by clicking on the < > symbols on either side of the photograph.

The contributing photographers are captioned and retain copyright of their photographs.  Any further reproduction requires the permission of the named photographer.  If you wish to contact any of the named photographers you can contact them by the "contact" form at the bottom of this item.

Enjoy the photographs which represent a fantastic event and a great day out.

A big thank you to all those who co-operated and assisted our Kapiti Camera Club Photographers.

Photographer Dan Horne

Photographer Fiona Foxall

Photographer Dody Pena

Photography Huey Huang

Photographer Chris Hogan

Photographer Brian Rowe

Photography Nick Maitland

Photographer Tim Smith

Photographer Steve Courtenay

Photographer Denise Gandy

Photographer Pete Lang

Photographer Hilary Parker

Photographer Ray Lovell

for more of Ray's photography go here -----------> (click)


photo by Steve Courtenay

Please come back and see us again next year -



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