Woodville 2012


KCC members were quickly made to feel "at home" with the local Woodville Camera Enthusiasts who turned out to welcome us.

Here we all are under a street sign especially "illuminated" for our benefit.

Photo Courtesy of Kevin McIntyre

 2nd April 2013

The Woodville Challenge Results

Bruce Hutton and his team from Woodville entertained us with positive critiques and judgements on our Woodville Challenge -  The teams entering into this challenge were The Witches of Eastwick (WOE), Three old Geezers (TOGS), The Generation Gap, Beauty & The Beast, Team Lang and East & West.  

The following galleries are ALL the images submitted from the teams -   


The Viking -  Winner - Team Lang

A Wall Mural - Winner - TOGS

Wellington - Winner - East & West

For Lease - Winner - The Generation Gap

An inscribed paving stone with a human element showing - Winner - Team Lang

Digby's - Winner - Beauty & the Beast

Gym Equipment - Winner - Team Lang

Street Construction - Winner - The Generation Gap

Nick White's workshop inside behind Yummy Mummys - Winner - Team Lang

An aspect of a pedestrian crossing - Winner - The Generation Gap

Old World - Winner - The Generation Gap

Stand alone pedestrian street sign - Winner - East & West

Real Estate shoot of a house - Winner - TOGS

and the winning teams are.......

First                              Team Lang

                                    (Peter Lang/Hilary Parker-Lang)

Second                          Generation Gap

                                    (Chris White/Tobias White/Denise Gandy) 

Third                             Beauty & The Beast

                                    (Sophie Flannagan/Geoff Marshall)

Fourth =                        Witches of Eastwick  (WOE)

                                    (Destina Munro/Margaret Low/Elyse Childs)   

Fourth =                        East & West

                                    (Huey Huang/Roger Beckett)

Fifth                              Three Old Geezers   (TOGS)

                                    (Bill Gilbert/Ray Lovell/Evan Rait)   



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